Affliction Test

Yeah… another test… it is a short one. Take the Affliction Test Today! Be careful in your email. There is a new virus out there…BADTRANS.B. This one looks for unread email and responds to it. Then the file is automatically executed without you knowing.


This I could use… Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Some pages to check out: Cave of the Persecueted (now the Fear Inside) Frozen Wasteland Valdosta State Univ Univ of Georgia Ah, nostalgia From Calhoun at Find Your Viking Name. Eyjarr the Fearsome Your Viking Personality: You’re a doughty, stalwart Viking. You have a thirst for battle, and tend to… Continue reading Eyjarr

Nerdity and Geek Quotients

Nerdity Quotient: 65.2% (326/500) “YOU need some serious help” From the Nerdity Test I AM 45% GEEK. Take the GEEK Test at!