Category: Photography

  • Magnolia

    Magnolia, originally uploaded by sneezypb. Cold snaps aside, the bushes and trees understand Spring is just around the corner.

  • 50millimeter

    Photo blogs impress me. My favorite is perhaps 50millimeter. I have a camera and take some pictures. However, I do not have an eye for taking great pictures. That could be the typical self-criticism…. Dunno. I do think I should take more pictures.

  • Blue

    Do I look good in blue?

  • Tree Down

  • New Photo & Haircut

  • London Pictures

    Took forever, but I have the England, Chepstow, Paris 2002 pictures online…

  • Physics Database

    Got another project. Setting up a web server with database for the Physics; deptartment. This will be for showing fossils. It will include pictures (maybe VR rotating images later) and descriptions. Sounds like an impressive site. Got to see the planned entry. Imagine button images of the various periods. Click on the button and you see […]

  • Death to Smoochie

    Has been a pretty good weekend. Went to see Death to Smoochie Friday night. Really enjoyed it. Also on the movie front, I just got out of the new Barry Sonnenfeld: Big Trouble. I’ve never laughed so hard in a movie. The anime party was fun. We only watched to movies though, Jin-Roh (good) and BioHunter (ack). Got my […]

  • London and Paris

    Had a ton of fun in London and Paris. Got to see lots of castles, henges, and sights. I loved being over there. Traveling is great period. Being some place where there is so much history and stuff to see felt invigorating. Today is the Yearly Internet Cleanup! UPDATE 2011-APR-10: The whole England, Chepstow, and […]

  • Pics to Scan

    Have some pics of family and stuff my mom wants scanned. Should have something online pretty soon. Have already resized the 35 MB of pictures to a more realistic 612 KB. Still have to link them to HTML pages with names and make thumbnails. Should cheat, but I would rather do it right.