I’ve imported my blog posts from Vox. As a service, I liked the concept: A highly social rich media blog site. My hopes it would take the place of LiveJournal never came to pass. My use of it to pretty much devolved to a secondary place to post my Flickr photos. (Of course, that is all I use LJ for these days as well.)

Clinton and the Tree

Clinton and the Tree, originally uploaded by Ezra S F.

We really wanted this tree in the photo. The problems: 1) illuminating the tree enough, 2) not over exposing Clinton, 3) hand holding the flash and trigger. Cranked the power up to full power. Wes aimed it at the tree. Clinton is essentially just getting the leftover light.

Strobist: Sunpak MZ-440AF-CA full power shot through 60 inch umbrella. Triggered by a pair of PocketWizard PLUS II.

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Katie is All Smile

Katie is All Smile, originally uploaded by Ezra S F.

Yesterday was another Athens, GA Strobists meet. Like the previous meets, there was lots of talk about camera capabilities, radio trigger capabilities, working the camera within the flash synchronization speed, etc.

I did stand in for some shots while we waited on actual models to show up. I think I’ll stick to behind the camera.

Caught this one when Katie’s friend, Sara, said something to make Katie laugh.

As this was mostly at night, my Canon wasn’t focusing, so I shot in manual. While the light was right, most were out of focus. Suggestions?

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Like a Post-Apocalytic Movie

Like a Post-Apocalytic Movie, originally uploaded by Ezra S F.

Yesterday I met with some other Flickrites to check out the Bostwick Cotton Gin Festival. There were easily a couple thousand people there, which is impressive for a town of 354.

(The photos I’ve posted so far at writing this post are just of Bostwick. Estimate I’ll end up posting another dozen before I’m done.)

We didn’t stay for the parade, but instead ventured over to the Nolan House (Evan’s awesome photo of the house). There were some donkeys and mules next to an old store. Then we stopped at Rutledge, a fertilizer factory in Newborn, and Mansfield. It was a fun, productive day.

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