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Ezra Haters

I knew Ezra is relatively rare as a name. That just means people cannot pronounce it correctly, think it is a girl’s name, or think it is a pseudonym. 

Still…. There are more boys in the State of Georgia named P or Z (yes, just the letter) than named Ezra. Nice.





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  1. John A Arkansawyer Avatar
    John A Arkansawyer

    How does it break down by age? My guess is that a lot of those identified by initials are much older.

  2. Ez Avatar

    Normally I would agree the likelihood is the person is older. I have an ancestor whose name was WH. I think there was a second similar occurrence.

    The About the Data page says it is kids no older than 19 and no younger than 1.

    Names and lists are an AJC analysis of Georgia Department of Human Resources birth records from January 1990 through July 2007.

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