Not Black Enough

Because of racial profiling, I get false positive screened for extra security screening in airports. So, I need to look more African American. Some suggestions so far:

  • Grow out my hair and wear it in an afro / dreadlocks / cornrows.
  • Clothing improvements: baggy jeans, Jordans, tall teeshirt or sports jersey, one stud earing, chain, gold watch, diamond cut grill.

Any other suggestions?

When my ticket is purchased by my employer, I don’t have any problems. So, I only need to worry about this for personal trips. šŸ™‚


  1. Another suggestion was to watch Dave Chappelle’s show. I did do this both just before going out to Vegas and just before returning. It was a government bought ticket still.

  2. Do you buy your tickets online? My mom and sister always get checked as well (they’re the only two who have been flying much lately) and we figure it’s because we bought their tickets online and had them printed out at the airport.

    Also, I totally think you should give the dreads a try! šŸ˜‰

  3. Not sure how work buys them. One of the ones where I was searched was online. One of the ones where I wasn’t searched was online. The others where I was searched were through a travel agent.

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