Flickr Search

Flickr has millions of photos. (Maybe billions.) Many of these photos are tagged. One can look at all the photos with a tag. Every tag has a built in RSS feed. However, to view a combination of tags, one needs to search for the two tags.

Something I would like to see is an RSS feed for Flickr searches. Having to choose between duplication making see the same picture more than once or missing photos because users are… inconsistent.

This is easier than me moving some place else.






2 responses to “Flickr Search”

  1. Dorset web design Avatar

    whenever i search my name or profile name in flickr search bar, it tells me that the account is not available….however i search it in google and it appears…so what might be the problem?

  2. Ez Avatar

    By default Flickr searched photo content. You need to change the search to the user search to search for your account.

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