Another Way To RAR

I was sent a RAR file at work. I didn’t want to install WinRAR because it wasn’t clear whether educational institutions are business or not. The PowerArchiver software worked used only pretended the capability of opening the file.

A better solution might be 7-Zip? It supports RAR.


  1. 7zip is the bomb, I’ve been using for a while now. Good stuff, the only downfall is multipart RARs. You have to right click, extract on the first file (the .rar file, not a .001 or .r01 or whatever) to have it actually work and extract, vs throwing an error.

  2. Another choice would be the freeware Stuffit Expander product by SmithMicro. They have a Windows version and a Mac OS version (both OS X and Classic OS).

    I am not sure as to why it would matter whether and educational institution is a business or not, since the WinRAR product has a time-limited trial period prior to a purchase requirement.

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