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Technology QotD: What’s $44.6 Billion Anyway?

Microsoft made a $44.6 billion dollar bid to buy Yahoo! on Friday. The word "monopoly" has been brought up a lot since this bid was announced. What's your take on the potential deal?

What web-based business property has Microsoft bought which turned out to do very well? None… That is why Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo. Their hope is to finally get it right. Unfortunately, I think it means Yahoo will continue to plummet for the next 5 years until no one cares. Like Hotmail.

Yahoo has successfully bought web-properties and not killed them. If enough of the Yahoo team sticks around, then maybe it could work. Unfortunately, its likely those people will end up with Microsoft jobs or go start another business. Most either Yahoo execs I've read about were involved in a startup at some point, so I can't see them thriving in a behemoth like Microsoft.

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