QotD: I’ve Always Wanted to Know…

If you were guaranteed an answer to any question you have, what would you ask and of whom?
Submitted by Cicero7590.

I’ll assume “an answer” really means a truthful answer.

The first thing which comes to mind is what very women really, actually think about me. I know I can ask, but I expect most of these women to tell the truth if it is good or omit the bad parts if it is bad. Tact is a difficult

Next is various authors what they really meant about passages in their obfuscated by less than direct writing.

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QotD: Words of Wisdom

Where do you go for advice?

I seek advice by researching it using Google to collect results. Through refinement in approximation, I can find a solution for many a problem.

Should this make me more confused, I seek out an expert or even knowledgeable person from my internal memory store for this purpose. In fact, if I never needed to do this, then I would never make an effort to get to know people. Online tools like social networks just makes it easy to keep up with people.

Failing this, I probably would go to Amy, Michelle, George 1, George 2, Mom, Dad, William, Angie, Steve, Jeff, or Paul. By the time it gets to them, I have already been thinking about it for some time. So they might get a nuance of the problem rather than the whole problem.

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Technology QotW: Technology & Success

What is the most important technology every business should understand to make his/her business successful?
Sponsored by HP.

Every business should understand who, when, how, and why they ought to have a database. This is especially true for access policies. All too liberal policies are the core reason why people need to protect or at least monitor their identity.

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QotD: Outta My Way!

Have you ever experienced road rage?
Submitted by Question of the Day.

Naw…. I just tend to cause it.

For example, this car was going slightly slower than the car ahead of it in the left lane.This was creating a growing gap. So I slipped over to the right lane and sped past 3 other cars to slip into the gap despite him realizing what I was going to do. There could not have been much more than a foot between my back bumper and his front. He was honking and saying something.

Unless he intended to hit me and others stop to say what happened, there wasn't much he could do.

Besides, once we were past all the slow car, I pulled over to the right and let him pass me. I wasn't so much in a hurry as trying to prove a point that people will do stuff like that if you don't pay attention. 🙂

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Technology QotW: You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide…

As soon as the press learned the name of the prostitute associated with Eliot Spitzer, pictures from her MySpace and Facebook accounts were splashed across the web. Do you ever worry about how much personal information there is about you on the internet?

I've thought about this quite a bit.

  1. If its on the 'Net, then it will be used. Fairly or unfairly, the information about us represents us. Some people will construe even the most innocent of statements to mean something negative.

    Once I got a call from the sister of a user who wished for me to shut down the user's web site. The user was a teacher arrested for sexual harassment of students. Some blogger had taken innocent comments and construed them to mean something negative. Former co-workers who described doing things on blogs have on occasion had such information used in a very negative way. I've also seen former coworkers get obscene comments from "dirty old men" over bikini or otherwise revealing pictures.

  2. Be socially conscious. An over-reaction is to post nothing at all on the Internet. Some people's rule of thumb for printed or written stuff is not to write anything down which one would be embarrassed to show one's grandmother. One approach is to use the same rule of thumb for what one puts on the Internet. Another approach is to consider anything put online from the perspective of marketing to the masses. Not sure either is really the best approach. I do think consideration ought to be made before writing or sending anything.

  3. Digital = easy to copy. This is what scares the RIAA and MPAA. It should make all of us worried about exposure of anything negative. Don't assume because some sort of access control is there that you are safe. Anyone who has access to something can copy it and send it to others. A negative email, IM, picture, etc. can easily be sent to any numbers of people.

  4. Once provided to others, out of your control. As soon as you send something to someone else, they can and will do whatever they wish with that file. They can send it to others. This means they can mistakenly or intentionally send it to those who would use it to do harm.

Personally, there is a ton of information on the Internet about me. When I first started working where I do now, a coworker asked about a couple posts I had made making fun of Linux as being anti-Linux. We had a short involved disagreement about it.

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Technology QotD: What’s $44.6 Billion Anyway?

Microsoft made a $44.6 billion dollar bid to buy Yahoo! on Friday. The word "monopoly" has been brought up a lot since this bid was announced. What's your take on the potential deal?

What web-based business property has Microsoft bought which turned out to do very well? None… That is why Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo. Their hope is to finally get it right. Unfortunately, I think it means Yahoo will continue to plummet for the next 5 years until no one cares. Like Hotmail.

Yahoo has successfully bought web-properties and not killed them. If enough of the Yahoo team sticks around, then maybe it could work. Unfortunately, its likely those people will end up with Microsoft jobs or go start another business. Most either Yahoo execs I've read about were involved in a startup at some point, so I can't see them thriving in a behemoth like Microsoft.

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