So, I need to install software on a couple servers which don’t exist. They are virtual: VMWare ESX. I can see and login to the web site. However, its frustrating to consistently get a working console. I get a partial page with “Error on page.” Going to the error reveals:

Browser#ResponseReceived(): invalid content type text/html (status 200) while processing vmNavigatorXml.do

What I have tried so far.

  1. Firefox 2.x is unsupported. I tried it; it didn’t work.
  2. So I tried IE6. That worked fine. Over a week later it doesn’t. Oh…kay…
  3. Figured iehttpheaders could have been the culprit. It was the last thing changed, so I removed it. Didn’t help.
  4. I tried Firefox 2.x again. No good.
  5. I tried Netscape 7.2. No good.
  6. Called workstation support, works for him, I removed IE6 and added it back. It worked! For a day.
  7. So I removed IE6 again and put it back. It didn’t help.
  8. Checked McAfee Buffer Overflow Protection. Still disabled.
  9. So I installed IE7. Still doesn’t completely load the page.
  10. So, I tried PortableApps Firefox 1.0.8 (which is on the supported list). No dice.
  11. I noticed I have multiple version of Java, I removed all but the next to latest, Java 1.6.0. No good.
  12. I removed all the versions of Java. No help.
  13. Figured out there is a VMWare plugin.
  14. Disabled the plugin in IE7. Nothing.
  15. Found where the plugin is installed. Uninstalled it. Now when I visit, I don’t get a request to install it.
  16. So I don’t have the plugin. Nor can I install it.

For you Apple Switchers who read this. Macs are not on the supported list. Though, Linux is!

I’ve wasted most of two afternoons on this.

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  1. I hit the error one more time before the admins reported a bug to VMWare.

    In setting up accounts to only see authorized accounts, it seems a bug was hit which locked up the account.

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