I’ve been tagged

By George [here] to post seven facts about me.

  1. I am the product of miscegenation.
  2. I read when I eat alone.
  3. There are 455 contacts in my instant messenger.
  4. Three of my four grandparents died before the age of 55.
  5. My height is 191.5 cm.
  6. No one else has my name in Google. (First entry not me is on page 3. HowManyOfMe.com says I should not exist.)
  7. I am a “second generation” Baha’i.

I am tagging: Amy, Bernie, Britt, Michelle, Michelle, Nicole, Sarah

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  1. Hm, it can not be a coincidence that you’ve offered #1 about yourself on the anniversary of Virginia’s “Loving Decision” from 1967. (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=10889047)

    Isn’t it marvelous that the court’s decision should be named after a couple named “Loving.” Who says there isn’t a God involved in human affairs?

    So My Friend, product of inter-racial “loving,” I salute you and those parents of yours courageous enough to follow their hearts.

    By the way, thanks for reading my blog. Glad I found yours,


  2. hahaha Its totally a conincidence. Thanks for the link! It brings a smile to my face whenever I see an inter-racial couple.

    “Loving” as a name is great. Especially since my own surname is so similar. I’ve even gotten labeled as having the “Best Name Ever” a couple times.

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