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  • Has Anything Changed?

    The previous post regarding the FBI checking on whether a photographer was Middle Eastern reminded me…. The Civil Rights Movement occurred before I was born. However, my parents were afflicted by blatantly racist laws which continued for decades. State anti-miscegenation law [1] at the time prohibited White females from marrying outside of their race. Since…

  • I’ve been tagged

    By George [here] to post seven facts about me. I am the product of miscegenation. I read when I eat alone. There are 455 contacts in my instant messenger. Three of my four grandparents died before the age of 55. My height is 191.5 cm. No one else has my name in Google. (First entry…

  • Welcome to the Dark Side

    Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers have made some act like kids in public places. Sounds like a ball!!