Has Anything Changed?

The previous post regarding the FBI checking on whether a photographer was Middle Eastern reminded me….

The Civil Rights Movement occurred before I was born. However, my parents were afflicted by blatantly racist laws which continued for decades. State anti-miscegenation law [1] at the time prohibited White females from marrying outside of their race. Since my mother qualified as a White female and my father did not qualify as a White male, they could not get married in the state. They had to get married in another state.

Jim Crow laws were designed to discriminate against anyone not of Caucasian descent and make them uncomfortable enough to go live elsewhere. Since these laws have mostly been purged, some say discrimination is done. Others say the discrimination is just less blatant. For brevity, I won’t go into all the examples.

Store employees who follow me around the store. Sixty year old men who pretend to read SAT prep books while peeking around the corner.

Getting placed in all “average” classes despite scoring in the 97th to 99th percentile on all but a single sub-test.

Being told, “No offense, but it is morally wrong for Whites and Blacks to have children together.”

Lately, though, except going through airport security, I don’t feel oppressed. In looking for why, I wonder: Is Bill Cosby right? Does behaving less Black mean more acceptance?

TSA seems to think I look more like a potential threat than African American so I get extra screening. So my new conflict is, I need to look Black to TSA and act White for everyone else. It would be easier to just be me. Ya’ know?

I’ve been tagged

By George [here] to post seven facts about me.

  1. I am the product of miscegenation.
  2. I read when I eat alone.
  3. There are 455 contacts in my instant messenger.
  4. Three of my four grandparents died before the age of 55.
  5. My height is 191.5 cm.
  6. No one else has my name in Google. (First entry not me is on page 3. HowManyOfMe.com says I should not exist.)
  7. I am a “second generation” Baha’i.

I am tagging: Amy, Bernie, Britt, Michelle, Michelle, Nicole, Sarah

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