QotD: Pass The Dice

What is your favorite board game?
Submitted by I'm Unique.

A strong temptation is to put Dungeorns and Dragons which is not really a board game so much as a role-playing game (hint it has dice but no board and tons of paper). So I'll put Greyhawk Wars, a board game related for the D&D game world of Greyhawk. To describe it, think of Risk only with multiple types (infantry, calvary, etc.) and each territory generates different kinds. Additionally, there were hereos who could augment the abilities of the armies. On had to be more calculating in whether or not an army could take the other.

Another game I liked was Buck Rogers: Battle for the 25th Century Game, another Risk-like game, in which one fights to win planets instead of continents. Instead of just getting armies, one also tries to get starships. Great stuff!

My grandmother enjoys Rummikub. So my family plays this game. Nothing says I love you than to play seven tiles in a 5 minute turn for the win!

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  1. I was also tempted to put d&d as well as warhammer (original and 40k), but they are more like table-top RPGs even if you do have a board with a grid, monsters, and a multitude of polyhedra dices! 🙂

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