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QotD: Such A Klutz

What's the most klutzy thing you've ever done?
Submitted by Jecka.

Break both of my arms comes to mind.

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2 responses to “QotD: Such A Klutz”

  1. amama Avatar

    At the same time?

  2. Ezra Avatar

    Yup, I broke both arms at the same time! More of the story is this guy really didn't like me. He was a 16 year old in the 8th grade demanding respect. I was a 12 year old smart ass who pissed off anyone who demanded respect. So we were supposed to be walking on the track for Phys Ed, he and his friends start throwing rocks at me. I played soccer for 8 years and started walking backwards to avoid their throws. They picked up their pace so I did as well. Well, I was at that point running backwards, hit a patch of pebbles on the clay track. My feet went out from under me, my hands went down to catch myself and broke both.My right arm had a break through the radius near the wrist.My left arm had a cracked growth plate.In retrospect the guy did me a HUUUGGE favor. Most of the girls in my classes became very interested in helping me in any way they could. If only I had been more capable of taking them up on their offers….

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