QotD: Well, I’d Never!

What did you think you would never ever do… but did? 
Submitted by Murky.  

Well, I at one point I was questioning whether or not I'd ever actually move out of my dad's house. I lived there for 9 years (age 19-28). Its a little tricky getting women to date you when you live with your parents. 🙂 Thankfully I've lived a couple years away from home.

Another is leaving my home town. I'm a good 7 months into having successfully accomplished living elsewhere.

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  1. Do you get along with your dad? It took bankruptcy to allow me to finally move out of my parents' house :O I wouldn't have had ANY money to pay for rent, if I hadn't filed hahaha.

  2. I get along with him okay. When I lived with him, we had the usual stresses of bring in one another's space. Though my last roommate was pretty good, we didn't argue at all.

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