QotD: Surprise!

Do you like surprises?

No! I'd like everything to happen as I expect. Yes its bland, but I like it.  :) 

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3 responses to “QotD: Surprise!”

  1. bernie Avatar

    surely you at least like good surprises?

  2. Ezra Avatar

    I so rarely get good surprises I don't think of them. About the only recent good surprise I can recall is when my mom tells me she is ordered a gift for me and it will arrive in time for my birthday. That happened this last birthday, but normally I don't get anything at all other than "OMG! It's your birthday today. Let's go out to eat." One year she gave me my birthday present 5 months late. 🙂 Those are good suprises, right?Mainly I am a pessimist (even though online tests usually call me an optimist). I don't think that much about the really good things in my life. They make me happy, yes. I spend time trying to figure out how to eliminate the bad things in my life. Maybe I should be trying to figure out how to make the good things better?

  3. bernie Avatar

    I hardly get good surprises either but I still hope for them 🙂

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