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QotD: Sugar, Sugar

What was your favorite candy when you were a kid? How does that compare to now?

As a kid, I was into the lollypops the bank gave away. Perhaps part of it was that my dad didn't approve of me getting them. He always let me get it, but some aspect of it was always criticized. I shouldn't assume I will get one. I had to speak clearly.

Now? Reese's Pieces

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3 responses to “QotD: Sugar, Sugar”

  1. bernie Avatar

    I associate Reese's pieces with ET…you would need longer fingers and bigger eyes.

  2. Ezra Avatar

    But I have the right belly shape, is that it?

  3. bernie Avatar

    Not sure, I haven't paid enough attention or seen you enough to do so. But you'd definately have to ditch the beard and grow a longer neck.

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