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An animal name which starts with “U”

At lunch a comment was made that an animal whose name starts with "u" would be a much more difficult challenge than one which starts with "z". So other than "urchin", what ideas do you have?

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3 responses to “An animal name which starts with “U””

  1. Maywind Avatar

    The only thing I can think of is "uakari", which is a type of monkey, with a particularly florid face.


  2. Sinnan Avatar

    If you mean common name, then urchin doesn't count since they're always referred to as sea urchins. 🙂

    On the other hand, if you're refering to their scientific name there's:

    ursidae (bears)
    uca pugnax (Atlantic marsh fiddler)
    unionidaes (a family of mollusks)
    urocyon littoralis (island gray fox)

    Information stolen from the Animal Diversity Web

  3. Porche G. Avatar

    Check this link:

    I didn't see anything that could be a real challenge except a few snakes in the mix. Maybe the fact that many of these animals are small can be challenge?

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