Plane crashed into the Pentagon. Another 2 crashed the World Trade Center (as a diversion)? Imagine all the terrorist groups in the world better hide into their sewers for fear of U.S. retaliation.

Still amazed by the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. It’s incomprehensible that someone would dare to do this. I’ve seen dozens of messages from people who feel that those responsible should all die.

Most don’t feel that a trial is good enough for those responsible. Just find out who did it and end all their lives.

Then there are those who are confused and in shock.

Those who are more rational point out all the things that the U.S. has done against terrorists. “It was only a matter of time.” As though most U.S. citizens care? We have been hurt so we will hurt them back.

The last country to make this mistake were the Japanese. They didn’t think we would be so pissed off as to take away their empire and drop weapons of mass destruction on their cities. I sincerely hope that the countries involved in this are prepared for this kind of retaliation.

Brittany may be on to something… today is Sept. 11… or 9-1-1?

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