Few Care What Google Says About Them

Yeah, I keep writing about identity management. [1][2]. Few Internet users say they Google themselves regularly – about three-quarters of self-searchers say they have done so only once or twice. Study: Googling Oneself Is More Popular People admit to having looked themselves up once or twice, but few people regularly monitor themselves. I guess its… Continue reading Few Care What Google Says About Them

Open Letter to HP / Mercury Support

Hi, Your Mexican hold musak shows your obvious great taste. Why interrupt it every 30 seconds with, “Please standby. Your call is important to us.”? I know its important or you would not have let me stay on the line for 23 minutes. The lady in India who talked to me handled to the case… Continue reading Open Letter to HP / Mercury Support

The Outsourced Brain

  I have relinquished control over my decisions to the universal mind. I have fused with the knowledge of the cybersphere, and entered the bliss of a higher metaphysic. The Outsourced Brain – New York Times Facetiousness aside, it does point out how others are consumed by these tools rather than consume them. Tom-Tom is… Continue reading The Outsourced Brain

Flickr’d Off

Open letter to Flickr developers, Generally, I agree, writing with full capitalization (aka all caps) violates computer etiquette much to the chagrin to the computer literate. The illiterate obliviously walk into this trap. Lack of any capitalization lacks the capability to cause the same anger. That said, there are legitimate uses of full capitalization. Batman… Continue reading Flickr’d Off


Anyone interesting in co-authoring a book? Freakonomics Blog » The Man Behind Tyler Cowen, and Freakonomics Too: FWIW, I am constantly surprised, and a little bit saddened, that more books aren’t co-authored, especially between academics (who often have great research but subpar writing skills) and writers (who spend their days trying to write well but… Continue reading Co-Authoring

Multiple Guess

Security Watch: The myth of online anonymity – CNET reviews: In his talk, Kazwetz mentioned several studies on gender use of keywords which, when weighted–with specific numerical values for male and different numerical values for female–can determine the gender of the author. Sounds too simple to be true, but research (including Gender, Genre, and Writing… Continue reading Multiple Guess

Going “nuclear” over use of “nucular”

Why does Bush go “nucular”? By Kate Taylor – Slate Magazine: To say “the word is spelled (x), and therefore should be pronounced (y)” doesn’t make any sense. Spelling is not a legitimate basis for determining pronunciation, for the following reasons: 1) English spelling is highly irregular. For example, “move”, “dove”, and “cove” are spelled… Continue reading Going “nuclear” over use of “nucular”