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  • Red Uniform Effect

    While watching the NFL draft the other day, a woman at the bar lamented about how highlights for players from all over the SEC displayed their prowess against the local university. I explained Red Dress Effect to her and the bartender. Obviously these football players were not women in red dresses. Red can draw attention.…

  • TED Talk: Demise of Guys

    For a few weeks The Demise of Guys by Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan has occupied a corner of my attention. It started when a friend posted about the Reddit AMA: I am a published psychologist, author of the Stanford Prison Experiment, expert witness during the Abu Ghraib trials. AMA starting June 7th at 12PM (ET). I even bought…

  • Beautiful women should take up chess

    This mention reminded me of a study where men experienced difficulties remembering the news when the speaker was a beautiful woman. Beautiful women should take up chess. Anna Dreber, Christer Gerdes and Patrik Gransmark wrote a Stockholm University working paper in which they found that male chess players pursue riskier strategies when they’re facing attractive…

  • She Hearts Me

    She hearts Me taken by Ezra F

  • Night Fairy

    Took this tonight. I like the result. No tripod. Just steadied on a knot on the tree and relying on the image stabilization gyros.

  • Dammit, Feynman!

    LOL Does this mean women are like particles? The forces of attraction and repulsion are the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces.