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  • Rock Eagle Wrap-Up

    Index of posts: RE 2007: GeorgiaVIEW Meeting (Pre-Conference) RE 2007: Birds of Feather: GeorgiaVIEW Vista RE 2007: Top Ten Disruptive Trends RE 2007: Birds of a Feather: Luminis RE 2007: Administering Sakai RE 2007: GeorgiaVIEW Vista File and Content Sharing RE 2007: USG Digital Content Repositories: Resources to Share After this point, I got wrapped […]

  • RE 2007: Top Ten Disruptive Trends

    Rock Eagle 2007 Keynote – David Cearley, Gartner Way too many unfamiliar acronyms an terminology. It moved really fast without spending much time to explain anything. Disruptive trends selected by timing, speed, and likelihood. Multricore to fabric – Core on processors will double every two years through 2015. Applications will have to adapt to multi-cores. […]

  • RE 2007: Birds of Feather: GeorgiaVIEW Vista

    . Wimba has a PowerLink (version 1.5) for their version 5.0 to work with Vista 3. First look for USG admins look at Vista 4.2.3. Anyone remember WebCT CE? Definitely a period of time Vista 3 and 4 are both in production. (Ref)

  • BbWorld Presentation Redux Part II – Monitoring

    Much of what I might write in these posts about Vista is knowledge accumulated from the efforts of my coworkers. This is part two in a series of blog posts on our presentation at BbWorld ’07, on the behalf of the Georgia VIEW project, Maintaining Large Vista Installations (2MB PPT). Part one covered automation of […]

  • Web Trend Map 2007

    This map of the 200 most successful sites. (Web Trend Map 2007 (GIF Image, 1600×1024 pixels) TechCrunch on it.

  • Turn the Tables

    CrossRoads Newsletter and Career Development Center: With corporate recruiters and executive search firms now using blogs as a prescreening tool for candidates, Whitcomb advises people to create online journals to demonstrate their skills, share their expertise, and lend potential employers insight into their personality. “You can write about projects you are working on, industry events, […]

  • Netscape.com 3.0

    Poor Netscape…. They work and work at achieving again the glories of their past. Through their browser (eventually outsourced), web server (eventually sold of to become iPlanet, SunOne, and now something else), and web site, this brand just has not seemed to flourish since their IPO back in the mid 1990s. Will this latest try […]

  • *Cough, Cough*

    Not sure what to think about this. After all, the reasons for why people get sick are as varied as the illnesses. Why would two distinct populations have different rates of illness? Well just off the top of my head: Genetics Pollution Bad habits Poor management These could all be slight contributors. Or it could […]