The DVR Trap

Recorded an episode of Psych because I know people who like it. Its okay, but I probably won’t make a season pass for it.  Skipping past the commercials, I recognized the characters, so I stopped. Only to find myself watching a commercial featuring the show’s characters. That is SO wrong. Smart way to catch those… Continue reading The DVR Trap


Sorry I’ve neglected this site. Work has keep me pretty occupied. TiVo rules my life. New city and things to do have kept me out of the house more than normal. I’ve found some pretty good places to blog. People read blogs now. 🙂 Some suggestion: Visit my Flickr photos. Visit my Livejournal blog (mostly… Continue reading Neglect

FIFA vs. the hackers

C’mon people. Don’t do anything that will make me miss the biggest sporting event in the past 4 years! Maybe I need to go back and set TiVo to record both showings? World Cup matchup: FIFA vs. the hackers | CNET Roger Jones, Avaya’s business development manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa,… Continue reading FIFA vs. the hackers