The DVR Trap

Recorded an episode of Psych because I know people who like it. Its okay, but I probably won’t make a season pass for it. 

Skipping past the commercials, I recognized the characters, so I stopped. Only to find myself watching a commercial featuring the show’s characters.

That is SO wrong. Smart way to catch those of us skipping past the advertisements. Guess I’ll just have to get better as skipping with the TiVo.

Found My Soul

A few weeks ago when I got home from out of town, I could not find the remote to my TiVo. On the third day, I ran to Best Buy to acquire a universal remote replacement.

The replacement lacked critical usability features. Several buttons were simply missing:

  1. Select button to navigate the menus.
  2. Guide button to see what is worth watching.
  3. Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to rate items.

I found the TiVo remote eventually. All is well again in the world.

Waste Not

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of forwarded or group invites for kinds of things about not buying gas for a day, not buying gas from the two largest oil companies, or even everyone not using electricity for an hour (One Hour NO Power). These are ambitious endeavors for problems I agree are present.

My power consumption is fairly conservative, I think. Everything is electric rather than gas. My are turned off computers every night. The shredder, coffee maker, cell chargers, computer speakers, scanner, two printers, and external hard drive all remain turned off unless I need them. I wash clothes in decent size loads. I avoid running heat, air conditioning, or long showers. Admittedly, some devices remain on all time which bother me: TiVo, DVD player, range clock, cordless phone charger, and microwave. I can be better about the DVD player and maybe microwave.

My gasoline consumption is defintitely high. I don’t carpool, but I do live close to work. If I’d picked a better location and were in better shape I might could ride a bike to work. Downtown isn’t anywhere near walking distance. Nor are those state parks and historical landmarks.

Chain letters are worthless. People rarely get so excited that they think All my friends and even strangers must absolutely hear about this! Instead, its a few who continue it on. Chain letters are a numbers game. You have to hit a large number of people who are going to ignore it in hopes of reaching a few who will pass it along. You have hit a massive amount of people for any of these initiatives to work. Maybe I’m wrong about this means of communication? Anyone have numbers on how many people you can reach using chainletter emails? I’m thnking they are a massive waste of electricity.


Sorry I’ve neglected this site.

  1. Work has keep me pretty occupied.
  2. TiVo rules my life.
  3. New city and things to do have kept me out of the house more than normal.
  4. I’ve found some pretty good places to blog.
  5. People read blogs now.


Some suggestion:

  1. Visit my Flickr photos.
  2. Visit my Livejournal blog (mostly Friends only)
  3. Visit my bookmarks.

The above are social web sites, so you will have a chance to interact with me. Though, I am sure my stalkers will continue to study and lurk. I’m all over the Internet. If you can’t find me, then you are not looking!

FIFA vs. the hackers

C’mon people. Don’t do anything that will make me miss the biggest sporting event in the past 4 years! Maybe I need to go back and set TiVo to record both showings?

World Cup matchup: FIFA vs. the hackers | CNET

Roger Jones, Avaya’s business development manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said he expected malicious computer users to reprise the to-date unsuccessful denial-of-service attacks against the networks servicing the 2002 World Cup, the 2003 Women’s World Cup and the Confederations Cup, the warm-up tournament for Germany 2006.