Sorry I’ve neglected this site.

  1. Work has keep me pretty occupied.
  2. TiVo rules my life.
  3. New city and things to do have kept me out of the house more than normal.
  4. I’ve found some pretty good places to blog.
  5. People read blogs now.


Some suggestion:

  1. Visit my Flickr photos.
  2. Visit my Livejournal blog (mostly Friends only)
  3. Visit my bookmarks.

The above are social web sites, so you will have a chance to interact with me. Though, I am sure my stalkers will continue to study and lurk. I’m all over the Internet. If you can’t find me, then you are not looking!


  1. Actually, I got the 3 year agreement and a second TV. If anything, watching TV used to be why I was online so much as it would be on while I surfed online. Now that I’m watching the things I want to watch only, I don’t pay as much attention to the computer.

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