• TED Talk: Byron to Batman

    This talk resonated very deeply in part because so much of the media I consume. Of the Marvel and DC heroes, Batman and Ironman, two billionaires who are brilliant, resourceful, and psychologically broken are my idols. I love Sherlock Holmes and Frank Underwood for their insights into the frailty of human goodness. Maybe I should […]

  • TED Talk: Open your library, share your story

    A spoken word piece at TEDxUGA which I enjoyed.

  • TED Talk: Star to universe

    My first in person TEDxUGA was last year. I returned again this year. It opened with this spoken word poem to set this year’s theme: Illuminate.

  • TED Talk: Risking Redefinition

    This is the first TED Talk I get to post because I know the speaker rather than just know of them. Rebeka was originally a new employee in training who really did not need it. Over the past few years we’ve followed each other through social media, so I was aware of the elements of […]