Convert Little-endian UTF-16 to ASCII

I generated some text files working with Get-Acl Powershell, but I did not know how to get Powershell to do some advanced features. (Basically, I wanted to the Select-String to include the next 2 lines and see whether a specific group was in that list. And maybe some exclusions.) So, I copied the files over… Continue reading Convert Little-endian UTF-16 to ASCII

Counting Folders

Back in June, after a whole seven months in our system, one of our clients hit Microsoft’s limit in the max number of folders within a folder. They are on track to do it again a year later. I lost the first script I wrote to figure out which directories were affected, so I wrote… Continue reading Counting Folders

BOF Windows Powershell #USGRockEagle13

Bird of a Feather so open discussion. Intro question: How are you using it? How do you like it? Good sources of documentation? Information? Tools/Modules used? e.g. editors, PowerTab module, ISE ScriptingGuy, Codeplex, etc/ Using Powershell: User-written functions, cmdlets, modules Version 3? Version 4? Discussion: Passing around various books. Manning occasionally has half off deals… Continue reading BOF Windows Powershell #USGRockEagle13

Detecting .NET Version

Background: We got a notice a few minutes before last week’s maintenance window that side work to configure a tool ran into a snap. Today we found out that the server intended to be used did not have the right .NET version. Why did they not just install it? Good question. This made me curious… Continue reading Detecting .NET Version