links for 2007-07-24

Congresspedia – Congresspedia (tags: government politics wiki) Google Reader keyboard shortcuts (tags: google) Get live updates as programmers, designers, security experts and the like jam Portland, Oregon, for O’Reilly’s ninth annual Open-Source Convention. (tags: opensource computers O’Reilly conferences)

Turd Blossom

LMAO The Decline and Fall of the Nickname – Newsweek Society – I’ll give President Bush credit for coming up with one decent nickname: he quite cleverly dubbed Karl Rove, his trusted adviser and top hatchetman, Turd Blossom. (Here’s how we know Bush came up with it himself: no one other than the president… Continue reading Turd Blossom

links for 2007-07-05

Glimpse of Time Before Big Bang Possible – Yahoo! News “To see how far into history one might gaze, theoretical physicist Martin Bojowald at Pennsylvania State University ran calculations based on loop quantum gravity, one of a number of competing theories seeking to explain how the underlying structure of th (tags: cosmology science.astronomy universe science… Continue reading links for 2007-07-05

Southerners Love

Study: Southerners care most often for elderly loved ones: Southern hospitality, it seems, extends to the elderly: A higher percentage of Southerners care for the old and ailing than do people in other parts of the country, according to a new study. Nearly 17 percent of Southerners said in survey that they provide regular care… Continue reading Southerners Love