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  • USA vs. Costa Rica

    Watching the US National Soccer Team take on Costa Rica’s National Soccer Team. I rather like the US team. Kasey Keller has always impressed me with his ability to make amazing saves. Some of my favorite players no longer are playing. Of course, I started watching the US team in 1994. I hope they win.

  • Web Design Job

    UPDATE: Position filled. Valdosta State Information Technology is hiring 2 Web Design student assistants. Web Design student assistants are responsible for creating and maintaining several department web sites, surveys, and other projects. Individuals will be responsible for interacting with representatives to build web pages and perform basic graphic design to complete websites from existing web…

  • If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers…

    The story

  • Personal Security

    I am not sure many of us take our personal security strongly enough. Nick Bradbury recently mentioned he had lied about being out of town in a previous entry. I say kudos!! There are too many cases where I see people put in their blogs when they will be out of town. In most of…

  • Meetings

    Here is how I spent my day: Spent 3 hours today in meetings. Some 3-4 hours trying to prepare for the meetings. Answering emails and phone calls So now, at 11PM I am headed to bed so that in the morning, it can all start anew.