Get my 6 month evaluation this week right before Christmas. Should get a pretty good one. Have not done anything too terribly bad I don’t think. Feel like some of the things I’ve done are not listed on my projects page. Will revisit that again. Pretty cool concept I think. Public wishlist? Here is mine… Continue reading Evaluation

PhotoShop Lightning

Hmmmmmm… like my new toys for PhotoShop. Played around with the banner on my home page to put some lightning on it. Figuring out things I have never done to explain it to other people. Life of tech support, huh?

More Completed Sites

Have a couple more sites nearing completion. The Student Technology Fee Action Committee web site was a pet project for the Assistant to the President for IT, my divison boss. Think it is cool that he comes down to talk to the “troops” so to speak. That also means that he can mention a problem with… Continue reading More Completed Sites

Me in the News

My first online newspaper credit is from the Spectator at VSU. About my role in online Homecoming Queen voting. Of course, I did more, but they don’t need to know that do they?


*whew* Load off my back. Homecoming is actually going okay. No snaffus today (unlike Tuesday when I got to run around trying to make sure that the problems would get fixed). My name got in the paper. Not as often as some other people like Chris or Joe. Will add a link the story in the paper… Continue reading Homecoming