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  • The Importance of Student Workers to A University

    Gille believed that [UGA] Transit could not succeed without its stable of student employees. She said the campus-centered transportation is best fulfilled by students who are on campus nearly every day, not individuals in the community who rarely otherwise come in contact with the University of Georgia campus. It’s easier to acclimate hundreds of students to […]

  • #FirstSevenJobs

    There is a Twitter thing running around where people post their first seven jobs. I do not think mine would fit in a tweet, so I put it here. This title should show up there as a hashtag and be my contribution. If you count by employers, then I have had 1-3. University System of […]

  • Interactive Archives

    My jaw dropped at the end of this blog post Cloud Hosting and Academic Research. There is a value in keeping significant old systems around, even if they no longer have active user bases.  A cloud hosting model seems so right to me–it’s scalable and robust. It just makes sense. But the hosting costs are […]

  • Are We Information Junkies?

    Catherine who I follow on Twitter retweeted about agreeing with this blog post: Last night while sitting at a pub with some friends, the topic of information came up. My friend Tom, in particular, had a few interesting things to say about it. I asked him if he thought that constantly being tapped into the stream of information that […]

  • Guard Dead Paper?

    Seth said, “What we don’t need are mere clerks who guard dead paper.” Whenever, I read “mere”, “only”, or “just” as a descriptor, it makes me sad someone (even me) relies on obvious straw men. Librarians already do more than guard dead paper. It just makes it easier to knock them down and kick them while […]

  • Fifteen Years Seems Like Forever

    Ran into Alan Bernstein, who hired me for my first job, this morning. Alan has always been both very protective and supportive of his employees. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without him. Kind of freaky to think I’ve been working for for 15 years. First it was in a library, an […]

  • Back to Basics

    Back to basics… I love to read. Fantasy, non-fiction, history, ponderings… doesn’t matter. Have a ton of magazine subscriptions and always have 4-5 books on my “currently reading” list and a dozen on my gotta get to soon list. I like to write. Have never completed anything. The fragments I keep are pretty good, though I […]