Talon of the Silver Hawk

I have not read any of Feist's work since maybe just after college. Ironically, I did get one of his books in high school and put it down. Prince of the Blood seemed weighted on events completely off my radar. I ended up reading two other trilogies to get the background I needed for Prince.

So, Talon seems of the same caliber. I recall enough of the worldly background to keep me going in this book. However, I kind of wish I didn't need to remember more to truly enjoy this book.

Still, the book flows and has enough good writing to keep me engaged. Guess I better go get books 2 and 3.

Why is it book stores don't often carry all the books in a series? I am not about to order a book from a store and have to go there when I can more easily order it myself for less and have it come to me.

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Battlestar Galactica

Sometimes I miss not having cable or satellite. Have been catching Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi at my mom’s. OMG. I rather like it.

Had to get over the female Starbuck and Asian female Boomer. The Pharoh Viper helmets are gone. Also, the hottest female on the show is? A Cylon. WTF?

The plot is rather decently complex and unpredictable. The characters are enjoyable. The special effects are just this side of brutal. For example, when a Cylon ship shot down a Viper with a missile, you could see the body flung from the ship. Didn’t get to see much of that in Star Wars. 😀

Can’t wait to see where this series goes.

Preserved comments:

  • You know I watched the beginning of this then kinda lost interest. I wasn’t in the mood for sci-fi, and usually I am. I hope it pans out though.
    Posted 12/10/2003 4:07 PM by freekycheek
  • I was pleasantly suprised.  My hubby not so much.  He thinks the miniseries is awful.
    Posted 12/10/2003 9:42 PM by anonymous
  • If I was older and really knew the original, then I probably would think this was awful. That would be because I knew the original. ::smile::
    Posted 12/11/2003 10:52 AM by sneezypb
  • I either love or hate SF!  Right now I am so waiting for LOTR-The Return of the King to come out, wheee!  I guess it’s not SF at all, but it’s about as close as I am getting these days, LOL.

    Thanks for the tip regarding Trillian.  Everybody seems to use something different for IM, that one covers them all 

    Have a GREAT Thursday!

    Posted 12/11/2003 10:55 AM by Morganna

Engangered Species

Maybe I could somehow be classified as an endangered species? Would get to sit in a cage every day and mess with people’s heads over the cute things I do.

Could get to see the world as my keepers try to get me to mate. 😀 Like that panda.

The last real snow here was 1989. The last sizeable flurry was 1993. Since we have gone through a couple droughts and increasingly more extreme summers. Sounds like what I learned would happen with global warming is starting to happen.

Never really thought about the impact to ski resorts. Guess the artifical snow makers are going to make a killing! Though it will not be much different from the rest of society.

Preserved comments:

  • Global warming is fairly real. At least in the aspect of us having more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, and the temperatures raising by a degree globally. No, it doesn’t sound like a big thing, but its still a degree, it warms areas previously frozen, and losens landlocked frozen water into the oceans. It’s happening alright. *shrug*

    But, no one who makes the laws really cares.
    Posted 12/5/2003 9:39 AM by OEnone

New WebCT upgrade currently being tested

Here is an article on a WebCT upgrade for which I was interviewed for the Spectator, the university student news paper.

Mirabai Oyao

WebCT now has an upgrade available and VSU expects it to start operating after graduation in December.

“In the past we have been hesitant about upgrading our [VSU’s] system because we [the University] couldn’t afford it,” Ezra Freelove, webmaster, said.

The University System of Georgia bought the licensing from WebCT earlier this year, and has arranged to buy licenses that will cover the entire university system. As a result, VSU is now able to deal with finances through USG directly, rather than paying WebCT. This purchase was a determining factor that made the upgrade of WebCT possible.

The current 3.6 version of WebCT and the new 3.8 version of WebCT are being used simultaneously by VSU faculty in a trial run this semester.

“So far so good,” Freelove said in regard to the new 3.8 version of WebCT. “The new version will be a great improvement and definitely simplify the use of it.”

The new WebCT browser looks the same as far as graphics are concerned, but the new features in the 3.8 version are designed to make the administration of the server a lot easier. The new browser strives to enhance the faculty’s ability to upload files more readily through WebDAV, a system within WebCT. The new system will also support multiple terms that can list courses defined in all semesters.

Advancements beyond this upgrade will be the introduction of an entirely different system called Vista, which is anticipated to improve the use of online course work as well as establish an even more cohesive administration. Vista is expected to be operating as VSU’s primary online course system by fall semester 2003.

Wow, we did not actually go live with Vista until spring 2005.

SGA holds online elections

Here is an article on a online elections for which I was interviewed for the Spectator, the university student news paper.

Kate Gaulding

SGA election polls will open for senator candidates next Tuesday at midnight. Cody Guined, SGA president, said the polls will be open 24 hours online on the VSU web page. Only online voting will be available.

Ezra Freelove, assistant webmaster of Microcomputing and Network Services, said the CIO and CPO links on the VSU home page have been replaced with an SGA election link.

“This link will take students to more detailed instructions and a bigger link entitled GO VOTE,” he said. “The log-in will be their student ID number and pin.”

Once students have clicked on the GO VOTE logo, they will be presented with a list of candidates, Freelove said. The student can select one of these candidates and click on “vote.”

SGA held its first fall semester meeting Tuesday to discuss campaigning rules and available senator seats.

“Candidates may use flyers, sheet signs and posters,” Gerald Williams, assistant director of Student Life, said. “Candidates may also use general ways to campaign.”

Each senator must gather 50 VSU student signatures with student ID numbers, Guined said. Robin Vickery, director of Student Life, checks the student ID numbers to validate the students’ signature.

“That way nobody’s ID is compromised,” Guined said.

It costs $3 to run for senate and $5 to run for an executive office, Guined said.

Each senator must have a 2.0 GPA. Senators do not have to be full-time students.

About 34 individuals turned in candidate packets Monday by 3 p.m. in the SGA office. Six students did not qualify for candidacy due either to late admission, an inadequate number of signatures or signatures without ID numbers.

During the meeting, each qualified candidate stated the type of seat for which he or she is running.

“There are eight on-campus and eight off-campus seats,” Guined said. “There are 14 freshman seats, six or seven sophomore seats, 11 junior seats and 12 senior seats. Class is one student per every 200 students. Usually no one has enough time for graduate seats, so there are five seats set aside for graduate and doctoral students.”

Jason Lewis, SGA vice president, started out as a senator.

“We’re elected by students and we’re here for them,” Lewis said.

Senators write, propose and submit bills, Lewis said. Senators also serve as the liaison between students and administration.

“We’re the voice for the students,” Lewis said.

Last year, SGA held the Student Advisory Council conference at VSU.

“The Student Advisory Council interfaces with the Board of Regents,” Trish Taylor, senior secretary of Student Life, said.

SAC passes information and student concerns to the Board of Regents, Taylor said. SAC includes student representatives from each Student Government Association at every state college. Private colleges are not included.

Lewis said new SGA senators will be discussing issues such as another SAC conference, student parking and the possibility of a new football stadium.

“I’m looking forward to having a good team with me,” Lewis said.

SGA meetings are held in the Bio/Chem auditorium every Tuesday at 8 p.m.