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  • 21:55 Robert Redford started the Sundance Film Festival? Who knew? #
  • 08:51 It… is… go time! Most of the campuses we host have first day of classes today. We're givin #
  • 08:52 –it all we got cap'n! It'll hold… *knocks on wood* #
  • 10:08 The Sun… It burns us! #
  • 11:00 Who is in charge? Maybe we just need to work together collaboration? What do you do when the lines are drawn and no one buges? #
  • 11:17 Why am I #
  • 11:37 Suhweeeet! Netscape 7.2 just pseudo crashed after Bb Vista login. It didn't die entirely; just disappeared from TaskBar. #
  • 13:41 @lgerard its the sulpher 🙂 #
  • 14:47 Its a good thing I have Firefox, Flock, IE, and Netscape. I can flip back and forth between all four clusters in comparing UI settings in ea #

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