German school massacre

Get to work on a Saturday.

Gotta love firewalls. They block what ever they are configured to intercept… such as TTF files attached to emails.

Anyone getting 20 copies a day of the Klez worms? I base my popularity on how many viruses I get from people. Since some of the recent ones like Magistr, Sircam, and Klez all take emails or cached pages I get a lot from email addresses found on web sites.

For once the U.S. does not have the monopoly on kids killing other kids. I heard last night kids from a local school were not going because of a threat. Stuff like this makes me wonder why? I don’t blame kids for getting pissed… I got pissed plenty in school. Perhaps the numbers of so many pissed off students gets in the way of identifying the dangerous ones? Still… I don’t understand how kids cross that line to murder, especially massacres. BBC News | EUROPE | 18 die in German school massacre

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