IT Work Force Set to Grow

Science & Technology News: Yahoo! News – Archaeologists Unearth Base of Egypt Queen Pyramid Business There could be 1.1 million jobs created over the next year. Yahoo! News – Information Technology Work Force Set to Grow Really… these days notebooks are actually decent. You can do quite a bit of stuff of them. Yahoo! News – Notebooks… Continue reading IT Work Force Set to Grow

CampusPipeline More Stable?

2 possibilities: CP 2.2.1 is more stable than 2.1.1 or Joe has been hiding the crashes. Hopefully the former. 2.1.1 rarely made it over 2 weeks without at least 1 crash. 2.2.1 has gone at least 2 weeks so far. There is another “helpful” virus on the scene…TROJ_ALLGRO.A. This one sends and attachment tells you it… Continue reading CampusPipeline More Stable?