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Junk Mail Folder

Selected Hotmail subjects in my Junk Mail Folder:

  • Secrets of the Internet – Free Porn!! 19676
  • Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs – The REAL stor…
  • EXPLOITED TEENS – They came in to be models b…
  • US$31,000,000.00
  • We Run Background and Asset Searches!!!
  • Fabulous Business Opportunity!
  • Your Own Internet Business in 30 seconds FREE
  • Have tax problems? [4cljv]
  • Eat what you want, don’t worry about the fat!…
  • Please help.

Make it stop! Please?

Miss Cleo must have known that I would delete the email before even opening it. Wonder if there is a viable lawsuit in there? She knew that I would not be interested and sent it anyway.If only she were real and not a third rate actress?

This is actually kind of embarrassing… I am #1 of a Google search for “design portfolo”. Did you notice it was mispelled? The page it goes to was mispelled for about 72 hours before I noticed fixed it, but Google must have picked it up and has not updated the name. A hit is a hit, right?

Don’tcha like white guys who listen to whitewashed rap? Especially when they are wearing earphones and still you can hear it 15 feet away as loud as you normally listen to music? Just a little muffled…



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  1. Lacey Avatar

    The lame junk email we get bombed with will NEVER END, unfortunately. Sigh.

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