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  • Redeye

    Lots of fun at work. Been pretty busy with last minute pre-Christmas stuff and the post-Christmas slide into the abyss. Got to build a web server we named “redeye” that will be our new main web server. Just need to complete some document verification and path adjusting. Installing stuff on Solaris is fun, no really… […]

  • Evaluation

    Get my 6 month evaluation this week right before Christmas. Should get a pretty good one. Have not done anything too terribly bad I don’t think. Feel like some of the things I’ve done are not listed on my projects page. Will revisit that again. Pretty cool concept I think. Public wishlist? Here is mine […]

  • PhotoShop Lightning

    Hmmmmmm… like my new toys for PhotoShop. Played around with the banner on my home page to put some lightning on it. Figuring out things I have never done to explain it to other people. Life of tech support, huh?

  • Updated Home Page

    Updated my home page with a slightly newer look. Experimenting with an image mapped version. Will try slicing the image and doing some mouseovers later. UPDATED 24-MAR-2010: Removed the link to my old Valdosta State University personal web site. Since leaving, I’ve set a redirect which comes to this blog. 🙂

  • anti-virus support

    Ah… my computer is unavailable as it is in the process of being experimented on by our anti-virus support. Means I can’t really do anything. Back to work!

  • Proactive

    It is so hard to become proactive when you are inundated with reactive…

  • The State

    Here is a quote taken from this web site: Think that both Pericles and Socrates are right in a fashion (more after the quote). Perhaps the most difficult problem of mankind down through the ages has been how to coordinate our common affairs in an efficient, competent, creative and democratic way. Many people, including the […]

  • Serbia Deploys Peacekeeping Forces To U.S.

    One of the funnier articles on The Onion this week is: Serbia Deploys Peacekeeping Forces To U.S..

  • Clinton

    Ran across an interesting interview with Bill Clinton in December 2000, Wired magazine. Here is a quote from him discussing technology’s influence on society. He talked about how access to technology makes some groups more powerful such as terrorists and hate groups. The end of the previous paragraph made the point that for all the bad, […]

  • VBS_Loveletter.AS

    Helped clean a virus off of a computer just now. VBS_Loveletter.AS is yet another variant of the now infamous ILOVEYOU virus. Don’t understand why people neglect to take a more active stance in preventing themselves from receiving viruses. Probably people like me are into overkill, but I make sure that all of my software is set […]