Flaws to Go Public

Tech Good. These software vendors bitch when someone announces a vulnerability. When they are given prior notice about the vulnerability they drag their feet. I would give vendors a chance and just announce vulnerabilities for vendors that obviously drag their feet like Microsoft. Patch or No, Flaws to Go Public No patch for Windows 98 or… Continue reading Flaws to Go Public

GT Cheating Scandal

Local: School sanctions students for cheating and turns around and makes the class “collaborative”. So because students were collaborating prior to it being legit they get 0s or suspensions. Seems a little bogus to punish students who were collaborating even prior to the change in the rules. You’ve recognized that the students need to collaborate. ajc.com |… Continue reading GT Cheating Scandal

Nigerian Scammers

Internet: Scammers are out to con ya. Always be en garde! Just to let ya know, the numbers of one are up. Nigerian scam spam on the rise  

Your Stolen Art? I Threw It Away, Dear

Ready to hit 4000 viistors. WTF? Guy steals $1.4 billion in paintings cause he is a klepto. Leaves them with mom who destroys them at the first sign of trouble. Your Stolen Art? I Threw It Away, Dear — NYTimes (requires login, easy and free signup).  

Lawmakers seek top-secret papers

World: Like any Presidential Administration is going to allow papers that could show how they do things or that they might have been negligent to see the light of day. Lawmakers seek top-secret papers — MSNBC Entertainment: Lots and lots to see this summer. *sigh* Spinning out the summer movies — MSNBC  

Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan

Tech: Nice… PS2 is $200. The Xbox is $200. The Gamecube should drop to $150. Might be able to afford jumping up to the next systems. I only have an N64 and Playstation. Yahoo! News – Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan  

Navy Brass Latest Hacking Victim

World News: Even Middle East countries have problems with plane hijackings.Yahoo! News – Security Agents Foil Iranian Hijacking There was a thing Friday on CNN about Chinese soldiers attempting to stop people from entering an embassy. Pretty scary. Wonder what they know or did? Yahoo! News – Two North Koreans enter Canada’s embassy in China Internet:… Continue reading Navy Brass Latest Hacking Victim

IT Work Force Set to Grow

Science & Technology News: Yahoo! News – Archaeologists Unearth Base of Egypt Queen Pyramid Business There could be 1.1 million jobs created over the next year. Yahoo! News – Information Technology Work Force Set to Grow Really… these days notebooks are actually decent. You can do quite a bit of stuff of them. Yahoo! News – Notebooks… Continue reading IT Work Force Set to Grow