Category: Toys

  • Moving Day

    Got to move this huge stereo cabinet yesterday from my great aunt’s old house. This thing is heavier than most people I know. I had not been by her house since she died. Reminded me of how much I miss her. She replaced my grandmother on that side of the family since my real one […]

  • want to be a cyborg?

    Anyone want to be a cyborg? Yeah, it is only a chip at this stage, but they can measure impulses through the nerve directly. Which means you can correlate the behavior to actions directly. This impulse has these properties and caused this behavior. Repeat for each impulse. Then you can say after time, this kind of […]

  • Nerd Gym

    Why buy a PDA which can play MP3s when you can buy an iPod and make the iPod behave like a PDA? (Wired) Up your security. Web surfers brace for pop-up downloads(CNET) Got an ex you want to trash in front of the whole world? exso is for you… Want to know how nerds stay skinny? The Nerd Gym!! […]

  • New Glasses

    Like my new glasses. Everything is so… clear! Pics soon. On my 3rd belt clip for my cell phone. Have a knack for sitting just right to make the phone catch on something. The anchors that hold the metal U that acts as the spring can’t handle the stress. It rips free.

  • New Car

    Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! someone has a crush on me! Really?!?! I’m so excited… no, really… okay, I was kidding. More spam… Are you in debt? Increase Sales, Accept Credit Cards! (I am not in business for myself) INCREASE YOUR INTERNET BUSINESS (don’t have one in the first place) Anti-Aging Medical News… (hoping to die pretty young) Quit Smoking by this […]

  • Car Estimate

    The high estimate for fixing my car is $1200. That depends on how much the transmission will cost, obviously. Looks like it is time to look at another car.

  • My Car Effin Died On Me

    My car effin died on me. Has to be something at the least moderately serious like the transmission or elsewhere in the drive train. Paul and Sue’s pig pull was kewl though. Reach right into the pig and pull out the meat you want. Was a good weekend. Tron on DVD is cool. Would like […]

  • Alternator

    Probably didn’t mention it yesterday, but my alternator died over the weekend. Was able to get it replaced under the warranty. Means I can drive again… hate not having a car (no public transportation). Another worry off my back!

  • Better

    Spent yesterday home sick. Guess I did too much Saturday… enough that I completely crashed Sunday and was still weak Monday. Was able to come in to work this morning. – – – – – Getting my radiator fixed… hopefully means that my car will be condition to go on some road trips. – – […]

  • Shelves

    There is something about shelves. For some reason the ultimate design for a room to me is covered with the things. I even designed one room with 2 cabinet doors on each wall where one could hand paintings, but behind would of course be more shelves. I could never have enough shelving as more shelves […]