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  • Its 10:34 Do You Know Where Your Tracking Files Are?

    One of my co-workers says about tracking, “One of the big selling points to [Blackboard] Vista is the wealth of tracking data for auditing, grade challenges, and catching cheaters.” Certainly, Reports and Tracking in Blackboard’s Vista 3 is one of the more favorite tools. So making sure the data gets there is critically important. The […]

  • Joke: Security Via JavaScript

    So, you are a teaching an online class. Students cheating naturally is a concern. How does one prevent them from stealing answers? Code in the online class system? Unfortunately, the makers of the learning management systems lag behind the creativity of cheaters. Plus, they can only control their systems. How do they enforce security in […]

  • How Many Vista Users Do You Have this Fall?

    On the measure which pulls from the Who’s Online table, we hit ~9,970 today at the peak. It was over 9,000 from 11am to 7pm. Its been a busy day! I had expected a second peak today at around 8pm. It doesn’t look like we are going to get it.

  • Who Is Lurking In the Shadows?

    Since you readers seem not to comment much, I took it upon myself to check on you by other means. ๐Ÿ˜€ More of my visitors come from Washington, DC, than any other US locale. Interesting…. All of them are from a certain publicly traded company. \Why would I be surprised, considering I mentioned them and […]

  • More on Insanity

    I posted a quote about insanity yesterday. I first saw the quote with “computer science” replacing insanity. Its hyperbole to be sure. There is a measure of truth. Out of 18 installs, on average 3 had bad installs. Using the exact same install method (which doesn’t have a human involved, completely scripted) again, a good […]

  • All Your Cache Are Belong to Us

    Interesting incident with Blackboard Vista last night. The user interface for the server “lost” the default icon sets for the organizer pages. Other icons were not affected so changing to another icon set did not help. A legendary Blackboard support guy happened to take our call. I understand why so many other Bb clients like […]

  • WebRunner :: Mozilla begets WebRunner, a site-specific browser: Nowadays, people are turning to Web-based applications as replacements for desktop applications. Web-based office suites, mail clients, multimedia apps, and general productivity tools are all extremely useful now, but standard Web browsers aren’t always the best option for running applications. To provide a more suitable tool for […]

  • Back from BbWorld 2007

    Banner, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Presenters were encouraged to join a web site and post a picture. People recognized me. Presentations: 2007. Edwards, A., Hernandez, G., and Freelove, E. Capacity Planning and Predicting Growth for Vista. 2007. Hernandez, G., Edwards, A., and Freelove, E. Database Administration for Vista: Lessons Learned. 2007. Freelove, E., Edwards, […]

  • BbWorld ’07

    In the last throes of the BbWorld ’07 Developer’s Conference (the regular conference ended yesterday). Some pictures are in Flickr in my “BbWorld 2007” set. I’ll likely post the rest tonight. Our presentations should be posted soon on the conference site. Some important ideas of keynotes: EdVentures in Technology ร‚ยป Notes from BbWorld 2007 in […]

  • Megan hates UF alumni

    Megan hates UF alumni, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Which means she loves Uga. ๐Ÿ™‚ I finally had an opportunity to take a picture of one of the Uga statues around town. Its such a toursity shot. Megan makes for a willing tourista.