BbWorld 2008 Call for Proposals

Last year, we three DBAs submitted three proposals thinking one might be accepted. All three were. Its daunting to think of something because we are behind the times. We run Vista 3.0.7 while almost everyone else is at least on 4.1.x or higher. Also, we ended up changing our presentations last year because we were not doing things we thought we would be doing. Ugh.

Presenting at BbWorld or Blackboard Developers Conference is a great professional development opportunity and fabulous way to share your knowledge with your peers. BbWorld® ’08Deadline for Proposal Submission: February 22, 2008

Maybe we could do one on:

  • Staying Beneath the Threshold of Doom: 6-8 vs. 40 clusters?
  • Planning the Largest Vista 3 to 4 Migration
  • API Logging: Users Connection to Vista Not in Your Logs
  • Creating an Audit of User Activity


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  1. Ez Avatar

    A couple people have asked about when the USG is going to migrate from Vista 3 to Vista 4. I’ll count those as votes for “Planning the Largest Vista 3 to 4 Migration”.

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