AOL Patents IM?

I push my computer very hard…

  1. Average around 500 emails a day.
  2. Usually have no less than 10 windows open after an hour of using it. Average probably 20 during most of the day.
  3. My average memory usage is 300 MB.

I do try to avoid some performance hogs. For instance, I am not running a firewall. I use Trillian instead of ICQ, AIM, MSN, mIRC, and Y!Msgr for doing instant messaging.

AOL’s subsidiary has a patent on instant messaging? WTF?

The United States Patent Office needs an overhaul and quick. Too many broad claiming patents are being pushed through it. These people are innundated with so many claims that they hire people who obviously do not understand the technology they evaluate.

This is on par with Barnes and Nobles getting the patent pushed through for a book.


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