Hate it when you are on a web page, your browser installs a plugin and promptly closes all of your browser windows itself. I’d love the opportunity to do something like bookmark the pages I want to come back to once the plugin installs?

Scared of Echelon, yet? Maybe you should be… At the very least do not mention words like “bomb”, “Allah”, or “President” when making a phone call.


epithet EH-puh-thet (noun) 1 : a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing

Guess mine would be Polar Bear, huh?

The FOK got about 105 hits over the last week. Have gotten about 80 hits the last week here.

Found this SiteSpeed Test interesting… One can get an average of the times various N American servers took to hit your web server. Of course, this one does not look at the contents of the web page and the time to download all of the items off of the page.



Couple of newly discovered vulnerabilities for Windows users. Excel and Powerpoint documents are not safe any more. Specially crafted dword (dotless) URLs (dword URL for VSU) can operate in the local intranet security zone instead of the general internet zone in Internet Explorer. Most people have the local intranet zone set to medium-low level and the internet zone to medium.

I of course keep both at medium (I don’t trust computers from my intranet).

Chris is on his way to Athens to get his new car. Poor thing couldn’t wait 24 more hours. should be boycotted. They are the AOL of streamed media. They force down your throat all of their excess products in one package and do not give you the opportunity to say “No!”. Then you get bombarded with icons and persistent programs as you attempt to disable them from taking over. Took 1/2 an hour just to download and install RealPlayer and try to rip out RealJukebox and RealDownload which I did not want.Someone needs to to make a player which reads Real’s streams.

I used to prefer Real over Windows Media Player. Not anymore.


Got one of these at work… P4 1.3 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive. Hoping to get an internal CD-RW for it. Will have to attach the SCSI scanner and USB Zip to it.

Prolly will have to rebuild from scratch again. Means I will have to wait until things settle down.

Problems with WebCT. Grades getting lost… Availability settings failing… too much of a pain.

UPDATE 10-APR-2010: Think the computer was a “Compaq Deskpro EX Desktop PC P1.3GHz”? Mentioned a Deskpro in another post which I recognized as being a Compaq model.

– – – – –

Looks like I am going to a conference in October. Looks to be fun. Lots of people from around here are going.

UPDATE 10-APR-2010: The conference would be the OIIT Annual Computing Conference at Rock Eagle.

– – – – –

Got an email from another dear friend which has been long off my radar. When it rains it pours, huh? Over the last couple weeks I’ve gotten email and run into people I have not heard from in months. Kinda cool.

– – – – –

Installed IE 6… so far no problems. Stay tuned because I will be sure to send gripes up to M$ over every problem.

– – – – –

I have a new favorite feature… When you hover over an image, IE 6 pops up a menu to allow you to save, print, or email the picture.

Web image protectionists have a new enemy… IE 6! Why disable the right mouse button when the act of hovering over an image is even worse?