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  • Supermoon

    Supermoon, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. This is straight out of my point-n-click camera. Another reason I do not play much with my 6+ year old dSLR. (Tempted to go get another one 1/500s.) dSLR version (cropped)

  • Green Pier

    Green Pier, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. Last week, I was in Mexico Beach, FL. Here is a perspective shot I took underneath the pier on a walk on the beach. The colors were a bonus.

  • Flared Near Sunset

    Flared Near Sunset, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. Guess I was feeling good about heading home for the weekend. Happily it was not already dark.

  • Flickr: Most Interesting 2011

    David Wilkinson has a cool tool I like called Flickr Set Manager. It daily looks at my photos and updates several sets of my photos. One is my most interesting 120 photos. The others are the most interesting 30 photos for each year. Below is a slideshow for 2011.

  • Desoto Falls

    Desoto Falls, originally uploaded by Ezra S F.

  • Gift Hat

    Gift Hat, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. Lat year at the Easter Eggtravaganza, I took a water gun from Mason (a couple times). This year he let me know as soon as he saw me I was going down in the water balloon fight. I declined to play. So he gave me this part…

  • Flickr: Most Interesting 2010

    I probably should have posted this at the end of the year. Oops. Anyway, here are my most interesting photos for last year. Sets for 2009, 2008, 2007. Luckily, I have the post for the 2011 equivalent of this post pre-scheduled for Dec 30, 2011.

  • Sunset Over the Cafe

    Sunset Over the Cafe, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. A pretty sunset was a good way to end a good day. I need more endings like this. I’m a little young to retire though. Meh.

  • Please Do Not Walk on Dunes

    PLEASE DO NOT WALK ON DUNES Originally uploaded by Ezra S F This is a dune next to the drive to the eastern beach area of Fort Clinch State Park on the north end of Amelia Island. Florida’s obsession with people staying off the dunes amuses me. The two beaches I usually visit are Jekyll…