Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

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  • Not Much Room

    Not Much Room Originally uploaded by Ezra S F This was taken in one of the bastion tunnels to a firing wall at Fort Clinch State Park. I guess the soldiers were shorter than me back then? Notice Nannie in the background.

  • ‘Dillo

    I was able to get within about seven feet of this armadillo. Apparently my calm approach while its back was to me presented no concern. Mom a couple hundred feet away talking loudly to Nannie about me was enough to get some attention. We were outside Fort Clinch State Park down in the moat. When…

  • Charred

    Charred Originally uploaded by Ezra S F This was taken on Georgia highway 94 just south of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge last Sunday on the drive down to Amelia Island. I liked how the trees looked with the barked heavily burned. The swamps in south Georgia burn on their own. The US Forestry Service…

  • Funky Leaf

    Funky Leaf Originally uploaded by Ezra S F A leaf sticking in a crack in the sidewalk. Bizarre for it to have happened without human assistance.

  • Shutterbug

    Shutterbug Originally uploaded by Ezra S F Amy sent me an email out of blue suggesting I buy this shirt. Puns? I love ’em, so I love this shirt.

  • Haifa

    Perfect Fit Originally uploaded by Ezra S F One of the gems from the photos I took in Haifa. Having not taken my dSLR, I am rather pleased with the photos I managed to take on this trip with a little digital point-n-click. Guess that shows: 1) How beautiful were the surroundings, 2) Equipment only…

  • Clinton and the Tree

    Clinton and the Tree Originally uploaded by Ezra S F We really wanted this tree in the photo. The problems: 1) illuminating the tree enough, 2) not over exposing Clinton, 3) hand holding the flash and trigger. Cranked the power up to full power. Wes aimed it at the tree. Clinton is essentially just getting…

  • Project 365

    Project 365: Day 004 Originally uploaded by Ezra S F So, I am day four into my participation in Project 365: One photo a day for an entire year. I have to make it into May before I improve over the last time I tried this in 2007. Hope I make it. The last time…

  • Dune

    St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in Florida was the 2002 Dr. Beach America’s Best Beach winner. It is the only beach on the list I have actually visited. I just wish I’d brought the right camera lens. Visiting here in 2003 made me appreciate photography. This was my first trip back. Photos from the 2003…