Robotech MP3s

Three weeks ago, my grandmother was in London. She never drives her car faster than 35 so I took it out on the highway to get the carborator to burn off some buildup. Took the long way to Tally, but when I got there I spent an couple hours at Governor’s Square Mall. Found the first 2 Robotech DVDs First Contact and Transformation. Now I am online getting number 3 Homecoming and Battlefront which become available tomorrow. Probably will have to buy the Volume 1 box set just to get that 3rd DVD. If I’d know that there was a box set, then I would have waited. Of course, I should have thought about it and realized there would be a box set.

My bro is going to burn me a CD with some of his MP3s. This should include some of his Robotech stuff. Got some of these songs on Morpheus recently. Some pretty nice stuff. I am big fan of stuff off soundtracks. Don’t know why… maybe because I can visualize it? Didn’t care for Push It until Gran Turismo 2 had it as background music.

Wow I get too much email… downloading 518 messages from just one account.

[ Paul Oakenfold – Delierium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (DJ Tiesto In Search of Sunrise Remix) ]


The CD Writer hardware is there, just need to decide on which CD Authoring software… Nero, maybe?

Boss wants us to start keeping logs of what we do. Maybe an online DB? 🙂

Time to go home soon. Relax… kick back…

Okay, so I will get online tomorrow and Sunday too… I am an addict! Leave me alone!

Have a nice weekend!

Zips and CDR

Got the Zip drive working at home. Now maybe I should look to get some network cards and an ethernet cable… could get both my 233 and my 66 connected and transfer files. Probably something I should do before wiping either machine?

At work I should install the SCSI card and the CDR. Then I could burn all my MP3s to CDs. Free up the drive space. Not that I am hurting on drive space… could actually get into mixing my own CDs.