My Specs

Here are the specs I would choose:

  • Thunderbird 1.4GHz CPU (266 MHz FSB) w/ Heavy Duty Heat Sink and Fan Assembly
  • same case and power supply: ATX Mid Tower Case with 300 Watt ATX PS
  • same motherboard: K&S5A Thunderbird/Duron – Ultra 100 – ATX motherboard ( 1 4x AGP – 5 PCI – Ultra33/66/100 )
  • 512MB PC2100 DDR Memory (Two 256 MB)
  • 7200 RMP 100 GB Ultra100 hard drive
  • PlexWriter 24/10/40 CDR-W EIDE (ATAPI) cd writer
  • 3D Prophet 4500 – 64MB – AGP video card
  • same sound card: SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 sound card
  • same speakers: Altec Lansing AVS-300 3-Piece subwoofer System
  • same network card
  • KDS VS-190p – 19 IN .26mm 1600 X 1280 monitor
  • still Windows XP home

His would be $850. Mine would be $1375. Guess this is why it is taking me so long to buy a computer, huh?

Possible Gaming Machine for Me?

Chris’ specs on a < $1K computer from Micro Pro:

  • AMD Thunderbird 1.2 GHz (266 FSB) w/ heavy duty heat sink & fan assembly
  • ATX Mid Tower Case with 300 Watt ATX PS
  • K&S5A Thunderbird/Duron – Ultra 100 – ATX motherboard ( 1 4x AGP – 5 PCI – Ultra33/66/100 )
  • 256MB PC2100 DDR memory
  • 7200 RMP 40 GB Ultra100 hard drive
  • 56x CD-ROM EIDE
  • 3D Prophet-2 MX 400 32MB AGP
  • SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 sound card
  • Altec Lansing AVS-300 3-Piece subwoofer System
  • KDS VS-7P 17″ 0.27 mm 1280×1024 NI
  • Windows XP Home preinstalled w/ CD

Yeah, I know… it sounds like an expensive Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, etc. It kinda is more… I think.

Viruses, worms pose threat

Here is an article on computer viruses for which I was interviewed for the Spectator, the university student news paper.

Lindsey Giddens
Staff Writer

Nathan Justin / The Spectator — Ezra Freelove, assistant webmaster for Microcomputing and Network Services, explains viruses

Viruses are running rampant and are extremely contagious. But these viruses don’t attack your immune system–they attack your hard drive.

The term virus is used to describe viruses, worms and trojans. Viruses programs designed to use your computer to attack others can be malicious if they show up on your computer. Viruses that have been found locally have been NIMDA, SIRCAM, MAGISTR and ETHAN, a virus that affects Word files.

Usually these viruses are picked up through e-mails, downloads, infected floppy disks and hacking. They can cause minor problems such as a few system glitches or can be harmful enough to reformat your hard drive, overwrite the hard drive boot sector, delete files or render computers inoperable.

According to Ezra Freelove, assistant webmaster for Microcomputing and Network Services, viruses have not been a major problem for VSU.

All of the approximately 2600 computers on campus have Officescan software installed.

“It scans the file and looks for patterns Trend has provided,” Freelove said. “It tries to clean the file, but if it is not cleanable, it quarantines the file or deletes it.”

Officescan is regularly updated on computers around campus. “Usually when a new virus is found, within six to seven hours, anti-virus software is available for it,” Freelove said. “The only situation (that might pose a problem for students using on-campus computers) is when a virus is so brand new that the anti-virus software hasn’t been released to counter it.”

According to Freelove, it is uncommon for viruses to spread so quickly that they don’t have an anti-viruse soon enough to counter it.

“Over the past year, there have only been about four that have spread that fast, NIMDA being one of them,” Freelove said.

Microcomputing and Network Services take care of all the computers on campus. Students who have viruses but live off-campus can call the Help desk at 245-4357. A help desk technician will walk the student through what to do to get rid of the virus.

The most important thing to do to ward off viruses is to make sure you have anti-virus software on you computer.

“Most computers come with Norton Anti-Virus already installed, but it’s usually a 30 day trial, and no one keeps it updated,” Freelove said. “You need to make sure you register it and keep it updated.”

Also, for those who do not have anti-virus software, Information Technology offers PC-Cillin to VSU staff, faculty and students. Visit and enter your GRITS account and password. For more information on viruses, what’s out there and how to avoid or get rid of them, contact the help desk 245-4357, on the web at or email at

Firefighters and Bombings

Interesting that the people that love to forward every email have turned to praising firefighters and bombing Afghanistan.

This is funny!
Al Qaeda to cut at least 5,000 jobs
Sun Sep 23 21:51:15 2001
September 23, 2001

KABUL (Voice of Sharia) — Citing worldwide reaction to last week’s terrorist attacks, multi-national terror network Al Qaeda announced Thursday that it would lay off 5,000 or more holy warriors.

The “holy war” concern said the move was necessary because of an expected 20 percent fatwah reduction and the cost and complexity of thwarting new airport and immigration security procedures, according to a statement broadcast on Afghanistan’s Voice of Sharia radio.

“This is, without a doubt, the most difficult thing I have had to do in my over two decades as a mujahad,” said Al Qaeda mastermind and chief operations officer Osama bin Laden in a letter to employees. He added, “Some of these people are my friends, who have been fighting the infidel by my side since we were were living in caves in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. We are still living in caves in Afghanistan, but I believe the bottom is forming and we will see a turnaround soon, provided we can meet the challenge by getting both leaner AND meaner.”

“I have declared a state of emergency at Al Qaeda,” he said. “This declaration is an official recognition that, hard as it may be to accept, our network’s very survival depends on dramatic change to our operations, our jihad and worst of all our staffing levels.”

The cuts, bin Laden said, would include both mujahadin (holy warriors) and ulema (clerics). They will impact Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Some mujahadin will be notified immediately, others won’t be notified until the end of next week as they finish attacks in progress or in late stages of planning, according to Taliban spokesman Wakil Ahmed.

Staff cuts for suicide pilots, car bombers, petty religious clerics and other Al Qaeda holy warriors will be based on seniority, Ahmed said, in a deal worked out at a meeting between bin Laden and union officials from the IBIJ (International Brotherhood of the Islamic Jihad).

Mujahadin and others who lose their jobs will not receive any sort of severance package, according to the Al Qaeda statement. Pakistan, which oversees Al Quaeda and its subsidiary Taliban organization, is the world’s largest country with a pre-medieval culture and justice system. The country’s latest quarterly report said the different units of the Al Qaeda/Taliban organization, including the madrassas (schools Pakistan has been running for twenty years to turn ordinary children into suicidal holy warriors) had at total of 30,000 employees, meaning the cut represents a 16 percent reduction in staff.

Al Qaeda is the latest in a string of Islamic terror network layoff announcements, pushing the total of announced cuts in the last five days to 10,000.

Referring to massive U.S. troop movements involving three carrier groups in the Mediterranean and Arabian Sea, worried Afghani ulemas in testimony during the emergency sharia council in Khandahar on Thursday told their spiritual leader Mullah Mohammed Omar that the number is likely to cross the 20,000 threshold in the coming days, through attrition, with none of the expected openings slated to be refilled.

OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) and bin Laden are considering spending billions on emergency aid to the industry, distributed through a vast network of corrupt Saudi emirs, international prostitution rings and drug smugglers. The current exchange rate is approximately 100,000 afghanis to the dollar.

The PLO announced Tuesday it will reduce its workforce by 200 to 300 sleeper agents worldwide by end of 2002 at its commercial bus bombing division and restaurant theater operations.

Just what I needed! Would love to find the author of this.

How lame… TROJ_VOTE.A
Subject: Fwd: Peace BeTween AmeriCa And IsLam !
Message Body: Hi! iS iT A waR Against AmeriCa Or IsLam! Let’s Vote To Live in Peace!
Attachment: WTC.EXE