Resolutions 2017

( Original ; First Quarter ; Half ; Third-Quarter ; Final)

  • Read 52 books. The 75 goal was ambitious even for me, so life made it way harder than I expected. Back to the normal goal.
    • Hit 20,000 pages. 
    • Read politically. Pick at least ten books about political theory or events.
    • Read on decision making and influence. Pick at least ten books on behavioral economics or psychology.
    • African American and mixed study. Pick at least ten books on African-American or mixed experiences.
    • Read the book and (re-)watch the movie or TV series. Pick at least 5 books.
    • Finish the book series.
      • Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #2-3.
  • Exercise. The ultimate goals are reaching the “essential benchmarks” of bench 1.5x body weight (360 lb), squat 2x bodyweight (480), deadlift 2.5x bodyweight (600). I am expecting to achieve about 5 pounds a month, for about 50 a year with some leeway.
    • Bench 290 pounds (1RM). I ended 2016 at 240 1RM.
    • Squat 360 pounds (1RM eq). I ended 2016 at 310 1RM.
    • Deadlift 425 pounds (1RM eq). I ended 2016 at 375 1RM.


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