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Goodreads Power User Guide

Click-bait: 11 Ways To Love Goodreads Even More

I use the stats for my resolutions to decide how many books to do in any given year and especially picked 25,000 for this year because of the low page count. The app is how I ever remember to add what I am reading and finished. A couple books have come my way through the Giveaways. And I have tons of shelves.

A friend’s bad taste in books has made me skip over a few. While I am connected to several past dates, I doubt “I saw you read <some great book> too from your Goodreads” profile would fly very well. Though, OKCupid does have a section on favorite books. The Goodreads compare tool would probably work better.

And this is cute…

Add the book from your Currently Reading shelf to your email signature.

THE book? I only get down close to that in the few days prior to New Year’s Eve as I try to go into the next year new.






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