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  • Goodreads Feature Request: Mentioned books

    I am reading Warnings: Finding Cassandras to Stop Catastrophes. As the authors wrote about experts, the mentioned the books of them. It would be nice to have these books noted on the page with the Want To Read button. It looks like the Kindle app does this. Well, technically, they have a buy other books […]

  • Counting children’s books

    I have not been one to look favorably on counting children’s books in my Goodreads list. However, I am really behind on my reading. And my kid just had me read Oscar’s Book for the 9th time today alone. I am getting in a lot of reading that isn’t going counted. So, I may just […]

  • Goodreads Page Stats

    The better metric for tracking how much I have read, in my opinion, is the number of pages. The number of books is okay, but the reality is reading a 50-page novella is not nearly the same commitment as a 1,500-page tome. (I might prefer a statistic for words when looking at my daughter’s reading […]

  • The TBR Long Tail

    My “to be read” (TBR) list is long. Too long. Over a thousand books long. Part of the problem is Goodreads. I will hear about some book say on the radio, open up the app, find it and mark it TBR. Often enough, I will find that I already have. There are 207 TBR physical books […]

  • Goodreads Power User Guide

    Click-bait: 11 Ways To Love Goodreads Even More I use the stats for my resolutions to decide how many books to do in any given year and especially picked 25,000 for this year because of the low page count. The app is how I ever remember to add what I am reading and finished. A couple […]

  • Resolution Progress 2015: End

    OK, the year is completely done, so here is where I am with each resolution. Read 52 books. The goal was 52. I read 70. My Goodreads user challenge. Looking at pages, I managed to read 19,669 compared to an average of 21,815 for the prior four years. So while the number of books is good, they were lighter. (I think my […]

  • Resolution Progress 2015: Third Quarter

    OK, the year is about three quarters done, so here is where I am with each resolution. Read 52 books. Three-quarters of 52 is 39. I am close to done at 49. My Goodreads user challenge. With 5 in progress now, and 3 more than half read, this should be complete soon. Read at least 50% by female authors. Of the […]

  • Resolution Progress 2015: First Half

    Here is where I am about halfway through the year. Read 52 books. A half of 52 is 26. I am a few books ahead at 34. My Goodreads user challenge. Read at least 50% by female authors. Of the 34 books read so far, 28 are by female authors, so I am on well above with 82%. Weightlifting: Bench 185 pounds (1RM […]

  • Resolution Progress 2015: First Quarter

    I figured I would get back to doing quarterly reviews of progress on the resolutions for the year. Read 52 books. A quarter of 52 is 13 (the same as a suit in a deck of card). I am a few books ahead at 16. My Goodreads user challenge. Read at least 50% by female authors. So […]

  • Goodreads Imports Amazon Purchases

    When Amazon bought Goodreads, the main hope for me was a tighter integration. Many of the books I read have a variety of editions, so I have to figure out which one to select on Goodreads. Different editions might even have the same cover, so it can be a challenge. If the book is an […]