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US – Iran Like Worst Exes

Iran and the United States managed to swap prisoners and make some positive steps in the nuclear deal while taking a step back with sanctions on a nuclear test. Listening to the news this morning, they were talking about the “relationship” the these two have at the moment. My thoughts were, “This is no relationship. This is a later stage of a really bad breakup.” (Yes, I know this is a gross oversimplification, but that is pretty much the point.)

Secretary Kerry, Joined By Baroness Ashton of the European Union, Speaks With Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Before Resuming Three-Way Nuclear Talks in Vienna

See, back in the time of the Shah, the United States had an extremely cozy relationship with Iran. Like boyfriend and girlfriend, they were lovey-dovey. Sickening to watch, really. Think how the USA is with Saudi Arabia now. (Too soon? Naw.) Iran was out favorite girl in the region. The Shah could do no wrong in the USA’s eyes. Which, might be part of why he was overthrown.

When that happened, Iran broke up with the USA. Like messy break ups, tears were shed, photos burned, and screaming about whatever was said made other countries uncomfortable at parties with them to the point people kept the two apart. Over the years, the two sides have become… Not reasonable but less than eye roll crazy. They can be in the same room without it becoming a scene. Time will tell if they can really be allowed to attend the same parties. But the signs are ever so slightly promising.

The “relationship” is that of exes who have seen the light that no one else sees the other as the crazy one. Both of them are know they better act like adults if they wish to be respected. Neither particularly likes this situation but grudgingly behave as though they do. Both are looking for any sign to point out the other is still the worst evil that ever existed. Both know the other seeks that, so they will behave better so as to not give the other the opportunity to make them look like the bad one.






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