RIP Google Reader

Working @ Home Today is the day Google kills off my favorite product: Google Reader.

I’ve gone cold turkey for over month and still have withdrawal symptoms. My mistake probably is the continual thinking, “This would be so much easier in GReader.”

After reading a dozen articles on possible replacements and trying out them all, I was very disappointed. Even heroic new comers like Digg Reader fail to impress. I guess feedly is my replacement. Least worst is not comforting.

Before the announcement, I spent on average about 15 hours a week reading and following up on new posts. Reaching everything read felt like an accomplishment. Now, I maybe spend 5 using feedly and have spiraled out of control in the number unread content. It is time to cull my feeds because it is obvious I am not going to read RSS as much anymore.


Maybe feedly will improve into being more usable. After all, Google Reader did. I was on Bloglines. In fact, here is the post on RIP Bloglines way back in 2005.





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